Par Hawaii’s Fueling Dreams Campaign
Par Hawaii’s Fueling Dreams campaign is hitting the road to raise awareness for thousands of Hawaii’s athletes! From April 19 through May 31, island drivers can make a donation to Special Olympics Hawaii athletes when they make a pit stop at 34 participating Hele stores across Oahu, Hawaii Island and Maui. Par Hawaii operates the Hele stores, which were previously known as nomnom stores.

Par Hawaii, owner and operator of Hele and 76 Hawaii, has been a strong supporter of Special Olympics Hawaii for more than three decades. To date, the Fueling Dreams campaign has raised more than $946,620 for Special Olympics Hawaii athletes and programs. This year, Par Hawaii will be matching customer donations up to $10,000.

All donations received from the Fueling Dreams campaign allow Special Olympics Hawaii to continue to provide programs and training free of charge for more than 3,400 athletes across the state.

For more information on the annual Fueling Dreams campaign or on Special Olympics Hawaii, please visit
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8:00am - 5:00pm
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Honolulu, Hi
Any Participating Hele Store
Island: Oahu
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Promoter: Manley
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